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Boy's Size Bow Ties


Infinity Blush Pink
Infinity Bordeax Pink
infinity Fuchsia Pink
Infinity Hot Pink
Infinity Light Polignac
Infinity Light Rose Pink
Infinity Nude Pink
Infinity Peach Pink
Infinity Pink
Infinity Rouge Pink
Infinity Shiny Nude
Infinity Socket Pink
Infinity Baby Blue
Infinity Mint Blue
Infinity Blue Bell
Infinity Blue Tint
Infinity Cornflower Blue
Infinity Midnight Blue
Infinity Navy Blue
Infinity Royal Blue
Infinity Shiny Turquoise
Infinity Shiny Royal Blue
Infinity Sky Blue
Infinity Teal
Infinity Tiffany Blue
Infinity Turquoise Blue
Infinity Grey Blue
Infinity Brick Red
Infinity Burgundy Red
Infinity Burnt Orange
Infinity Flamingo
Infinity Dark Coral
Infinity Orange
Infinity Orange Steel
Infinity Tomatoe Red
Infinity Bright Purple
Infinity Darker Purple
Infinity Grey Lilac
Infinity Lilac
Infinity Purple Heat
Infinity Rose Purple
Infinity Rose Violet
Infinity Sunset Purple
Infinity Grape Purple
Infinity Sage
Infinity Ice Green
Infinity Mint Green
Infinity Olive Green
Infinity Jasmine Green
Infinity Apple Green
Infinity Emerald Green
Infinity Grass Green
Infinity Ever Green
Infinity Pastel Yellow
Infinity Yellow
Infinity Gold Rod
Infinity Limeade
Infinity Off White
Infinity Shiny Champagne
Infinity Shiny Gold
Infintiy Gold Yellow
Infinity Stone
Infinity Taupe
Infinity Snow White
Infinity Silver
Infinity Darker Grey
Infinity Charcoal Grey
Infinity Chocolate
Infinity Black

These adjustable bow ties match our infinity range perfectly. They are a great addition to your bridal party and are carefully hand made.

You can view our range of infinity gowns here.

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