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Infinity Gown Swatches Reds


This versatile convertible infinity maxi dress comes in 70+ colors and knee, butterfly and full-lengths.  

Would you like to check the fabric and color of our infinity gowns before you make an order? With free shipping purchase one, or any number, of our fabric sample swatch cards for only $1 - Delivered immediately no need to wait.

View matching mens ties here.  We also have regular and skinny ties. Matching flower girl infinity dresses and Tulle overlays are also available.

The fabric is a soft viscose and spandex mix and drapes beautifully.  Please note that the base is not hemmed (hangs much nicer this way) and the dress comes with a free matching bandeau.

Fast turn around time of only 10-15 working days. This includes the postage time. Customizations of length at no extra cost saving you extra adjustment expenses. Also, the best option when you have bridesmaids in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes. It's a win-win!



Infinity Burgundy Red
Infinity Brick Red
Infinity Burnt Orange
Infinity Tomatoe Red
Infinity Orange
Infinity Orange Steel
Infinity Flamingo
Infinity Dark Coral
Infinity Pearl Peach

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